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WELCOME to the Breckenridge Homeowners Association of Slidell. Here you can find information about what's going on in your neighborhood and community.

WWW.BHASLIDELL.COM is the new address for the Breckenridge Homeowners Association's website. You can bookmark it to your favorites by clicking on the button below. The old website address is no longer valid. 

* *  BHA $30 Maintenance Fee   * *

Use this fast and easy way to pay your Breckenridge Maintenance Fees through PayPal

PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online.

* *  BHA General Meeting and Board Election Notice  * * * *

 BHA General Meeting and Board Elections – May 26, 2018 - 7:30 at St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church located at 910 Cross Gates Blvd – Rooms 5 & 6 in the Courtyard Building.  

The BHA Board will provide a status of the neighborhood and answer any questions.  Breckenridge Homeowners Association Board Elections will b held.  You can also renew your BHA annual maintenance fees at the meeting.

Checkout Breckenridge on FACEBOOK

There is a group on FACEBOOK for Breckenridge residents under the name of  Breckenridge Subdivision, Slidell Louisiana.  Here is the link:  


Something New On Our Website

We thought we'd try something new by providing a new service to BHA Members.  On the right side of the website you will see ads from your Breckenridge Neighbors.   The ad must  be for a Breckenridge home based service using your home phone number and follow certain restrictions.  Your home based business must fall under the "Customary Home Occupation" definition (see below).  If interested contact the webmaster (See Contact Us).  

Customary Home Occupation:   Self-employed resident occupants in their private homes working at an occupation which is limited to the home, carried forth at home, employing no persons outside the household, utilizing no outside structure or equipment, and requiring no more off-street parking facilities than would ordinarily be used by the household.   The use would generally not include the receiving of clients but could include the receiving of one client at a time on an appointment basis, such as dressmaking, tailoring, preserving, home cooking, real estate agent, photographer, hobbies and crafts, income tax preparation, accounting services, attorney services, and the giving of a private music and dance lessons. Customary home occupation DOES NOT INCLUDE gift shop, antique shop, or art gallery or similar multi-customer service or retail establishment.

Also Current and Past INCOME AND EXPENSES have been updated.  Click here to go to Budget Info


March 11, 2013  NOTICE: Your BHA does not have the funds to continue maintaining the front entrance and common grounds without your support.

Your BHA relies on ALL Breckenridge residents paying their $30.00 Annual Maintenance Fee to pay for GARDENING, UPKEEP and GRASS CUTTING as well other services. The BHA needs your support to maintain your neighborhood in way that we all can be proud. Please go to Maintenance Fees on the left and print the form to send in your check.  Thank you for supporting your neighborhood.

Our Breckenridge Entrance (a never ending project)

Every Spring it's time to prune and clean up the shrub and tree beds on the island and the white fence line.  For several years a few of us neighbors did this work ourselves, but it turned out to be a whole lot of back breaking work.  Last year and for now on we will paid a professional service to do the job with the help of your annual maintenance dues of $30.  Last year the cost was about $1,400.   If this work is not done annually, weeds will overtake the beds.     

Here are a few pictures showing some of the work done at the Breckenridge Entrance in 2006.   After Katrina destroyed the entrance trees we replaced them with two more beds to match the existing bed on the island.

Hurricane Information
Johnny asked me put this link on the BHA website.   I have visited many hurricane sites in the past, but I think this one is one of the best I've seen for graphic information when the server is not over loaded. Lots of Big Pictures and Charts. Check it out.

BHAnews EMAIL subscription (It's FREE)

The BHA has established an address group as another means of communication and I hope you will sign up. The group name is Signing up is easy, two simple steps and you are on the list.

1. Send a blank EMAIL message to

2. Then when you receive the confirmation message just reply with another blank message.

That is all there is to it. Then you will be able to send and receive messages with other signed up neighbors. This is a great way to stay informed as well as pass information on. If you have a service or product to offer to your neighbors, this is a way to get the word out. If you have some ideas or issues concerning Slidell or Breckenridge you can use this group as a forum to discuss with your neighbors. The group is open to all Breckenridge residents who are interested, just please remember to use this forum with great respect. In our fast pace world this means of communication could definitely have some advantages, and I hope you will give it a try. If it doesn’t suit your needs after giving it a try, it is easy to unsubscribe or subscribe again at any time.

Click here to sign-up

Covenant Violations

WHAT'S WRONG WITH THESE PICTURES? Well, for the benefit of those who are thinking about becoming Breckenridge Homeowners or renting in Breckenridge, these pictures are examples of a Breckenridge Covenants Violations.  Remember, when you sign the paperwork to buy your home in Breckenridge you legally agree to adhere to the covenants and by-Laws of this subdivision. Please be aware that BOATS, TRAILERS, CAMPERS, and INOPERABLE CARS are not allowed to be STORED IN PUBLIC VIEW.

One Possible Solution for the storage of BOATS, TRAILERS and CAMPERS: OUTDOOR STORAGE located at 58445 Pearl Area Rd. right next to Gymnastics Plus.
There phone number is 649-SAFE (649-7233)

We hope this BHA public service announcement will help avoid any confusion or inconvenience concerning this issue.

If you would like to see or print a copy of the Breckenridge Covenants , click here to go to the page.

WHERE and HOW MUCH are homes selling for in Breckenridge.  * * * DISCONTINUED FOR NOW* * *

Current BHA Board: Click here to Contact Us.

Click here to view position details under section IV, Officers of the BHA By-Laws.

Breckenridge homes have been keeping pace with property values.

That has something to do with, as they say, Location, Location, Location. Another reason is that our neighborhood looks attractive to prospective buyers. Breckenridge offers nice looking homes and manicured yards that make the average home buyer think they would like to live here and willing to pay the price to do so. For many of us our home is our largest investment. So it just makes dollars and "sense" to keep our investment looking as attractive to others as well as ourselves.Keep in mind that any Realtor will tell you that all things considered, a $100 flower garden in your front yard can yield you an extra $1,000 or more when you sell.


Have you noticed how our neighborhood has been getting literally trashy lately. Specifically, the big ugly blue eye sore in front of many homes in our subdivision. While driving down our streets, it's hard to notice the nice looking homes behind the big blue garbage cans. Well, now we know why our covenants states that the garbage cans need to be stored out of public view. I know that is not necessarily an easy thing to do for everybody. My new big blue baby is twice the size of the normal size garbage can, but I did manage to find room for it in my garage. It sort of doubles as a work table top. Some neighbors have figured out ways to hide the can from public view on the side of the house behind a couple of bushes or behind a fence.

If you would like to see or print a copy of the Breckenridge Covenants , click here to go to the page.

You can find the BHA Sign-up Form here.



Click to enlarge The Breckenridge Nature Park has had a facelift. Take a walk, jog, or bike ride to our Nature Park and check out the paved pathway and cleaned up brush. The maintenance of the park is the responsibility of the city, but cleanliness of park is up to us. So far so good.

For all you exercisers out there , the park has a few exercise and stretching stations for your enjoyment. The path continues along the back of the Breckenridge neighborhood and takes you to the Play Ground.

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge