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AN ORDINANCE establishing the comprehensive zoning regulations for the City of Slidell, Louisiana, and providing for the administration, enforcement and amendment thereof, in accordance with the provisions of the authority granted by R.S. 33:4721—33:4729, as amended.


WHEREAS the city council deems it necessary for the purpose of promoting the health, safety, morals, or general welfare of the city to enact such an ordinance; and the city council has appointed a zoning commission to recommend the boundaries of the various original districts and appropriate regulations to be enforced therein. The zoning commission has divided the city into districts and has prepared regulations pertaining to such districts in accordance with a comprehensive plan designed to lessen congestion in the streets; to prevent overcrowding of land; to secure safety from fire, panic, and provide adequate light and air; to avoid undue concentration of population; to facilitate the adequate provisions of transportation, water, sewerage, schools, parks, and other public requirements.

The zoning commission has given reasonable consideration, among other things, to the character of the districts and their peculiar suitability for particular uses, with a view to conserving the value of buildings and encouraging the most appropriate use of land throughout the city. The zoning commission has made a preliminary report and held public hearings thereon and submitted its final report to the city council. The council has given due public notice of hearings relating to zoning districts, regulations, and restrictions.

All requirements of R.S. 33:4721—33:4729 with regard to the preparation of the report of the zoning commission and the subsequent action of the city council have been met.



Editor’s note— Printed herein is Ordinance No. 795, as adopted by the city council on July 9, 1968, and effective on September 15, 1968. Amendments to the ordinance are indicated by parenthetical history notes following amended provisions. The absence of a history note indicates that the provision remains unchanged from the original ordinance. Obvious misspellings have been corrected without notation. For stylistic purposes, headings and catchlines have been made uniform, and the same system of capitalization, citation to state statutes and expression of numbers in text as appears in the Code of Ordinances has been used. Additions made for clarity are indicated by brackets.

Cross reference— Any ordinance pertaining to zoning, rezoning or amendment to a zoning map saved from repeal, § 1-6(12); buildings and building regulations, ch. 7; environment, ch. 13; floods, ch. 15; planning, ch. 22; streets, sidewalks and other public places, ch. 25; subdivision regulations, app. B.State Law reference— Zoning, R.S. 33:4721 et seq.


Footnotes:— (3) —Cross reference— Traffic and vehicles, ch. 27.

Section 4.1. – General requirements.

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Off-street parking facilities for one-family and two-family dwellings shall be located on the same lot or plot of ground as the building to be served. The location of off-street parking facilities for other uses shall not be more than 300 feet distance measured along the nearest pedestrian walkway; provided, however, that the zoning classification for such land is the same or less restrictive than the classification of the lot upon which the main use is located.

Such parking space to be used in conjunction with the principal use shall be reserved as such through an encumbrance of the title of the property to be designated as a required parking space, such encumbrance to be valid for the total period of the use or uses for which the parking is needed are in existence.

Such agreement or covenant shall be duly recorded in the office of the council administrator and a certificate furnished the building official. Such parking space shall be surfaced with a minimum of four inches of concrete or similar all-weather surface and such entrances shall be similarly surfaced.


All off-street parking facilities, vehicular maneuvering areas, loading facilities and accessways shall be subject to the review and recommendation of the current city engineer with final approval by the director of planning of the City of Slidell. Should the City of Slidell not have a full-time director of planning, then final approval shall rest with the city engineer.

Area reserved for off-street parking or loading in accordance with the provisions of this section shall not be reduced in area or changed to any other use unless the permitted use which it serves is discontinued or modified except where equivalent off-street parking or loading space is provided.

For uses not mentioned in this section, the requirements for off-street parking and loading facilities for a similar use specifically mentioned in this section shall apply.

In all residential zoning districts, the following applies to off-street parking of vehicles, recreational vehicles, trailers, and boats:

a. For purposes of this section only, corner lot front yards are defined as any yard having street frontage;

b. No vehicle, recreational vehicle, trailer, or boat may be parked on an unpaved surface in any front yard;

c. All recreational vehicles, trailers, and boats must be parked in the side or rear yard when accessible. A fence is not cause to prevent access to the side or rear yard.

d. No recreational vehicle, trailer or boat exceeding 32 feet in overall length may be parked in any front yard;

e. All recreational vehicles, trailers, and boats exceeding 32 feet in overall length may only be parked in a rear or side yard on a solid surface;

f. All recreational vehicles, trailers or boats must be parked at least 15 feet from the edge of the roadway, perpendicular to the street and may not extend over a sidewalk or public right-of-way.

g. Not more than two recreational vehicles, trailers, or boats or any combination thereof, may be parked on any residential lot.

h. No recreational vehicle, trailer or boat may be connected to utilities except for maintenance purposes as necessary, or for out of town visitors which shall not exceed 14 days per calendar year.

No commercial vehicle exceeding 1½ tons rating shall be parked upon any residentially zoned lot or parcel except while in the process of making a pickup or delivery. Not more than one commercial vehicle associated with the home occupation (a vehicle registered in the name of a business or used in the conduct of a business) may be parked upon a residentially zoned lot or parcel. This restriction shall not apply to automobiles, in which case the limit shall be two

.4.105 A. No person shall park any motor vehicle, trailer or watercraft upon any public or private property for the purpose of displaying such motor vehicle, trailer or watercraft for sale, hire or rental unless the property is duly zoned and permitted by the city for the transaction of that type of business upon such property. A motor vehicle, trailer or watercraft shall be presumed to be displayed for sale, hire or rental if a price, telephone number, contact person or address is displayed thereon.B. This section shall not prohibit any person from parking any motor vehicle, trailer or watercraft displayed for sale, hire or rental on private property provided that express permission from the property owner is prominently displayed on the motor vehicle, trailer, or watercraft. No property owner shall give such permission more frequently than three (3) times per calendar year without having obtained a proper dealer’s license.C. This section shall not prohibit any person from displaying for sale any personally owned motor vehicle when such display is incidental to such person’s normal daily activities.

Violations shall be handled as provided in section 3.4 of this ordinance.

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