Our new Entrance

Breckenridge Gets A Face Lift

It was around late February of 2020 when we finally got this project off the ground. I wish I had the foresight to have taken photos of the heavy equipment used to remove the bushes and debris. The azaleas, half of them were huge and in many cases were dying and over twenty-three years old. They were a maintenance pain in the butt and we could not keep then looking like they did back in the day. Anyway, it was a big job getting them out of there, let me tell you. Then on top of that, they accidentally busted the a waterline that no one seemed to know where it originated from including the City of Slidell. Well that caused even more delays.

Eventually it all worked out though. Now the neighborhood has a new entrance that promises to be much easier to maintain and stay more colorful throughout most of the year. We used Encore’s Autumn Amber Azaleas and pine straw with a black weed barrier under the straw. So far no weeds this season.

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